"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand."


Technical Skills

- Experienced in medical products development.
- Experienced in PACS/RIS technology (Ramsoft, OsiriX).
- Experienced in prosthetic legs, X-ray machines, radiography, three-dimensional scanners, equipment for mechanical testing and simulation (MTS).
- Programming languages including VB.NET and C++.
- In depth experience with Office, SQL Server, Matlab, Materialise Mimics, Phantom Software, SPSS, MTS software, Adobe Photoshop, Acrobat Reader (Pro), Smartdraw.
- Experienced in medical devices service (Storz, Storz Medical, Hokoma, Zimmer, Biodex, Chinesport, GN Otometrics, Otopront).
- Fair use of Labview, UNIX, ANSYS and understanding of Solidworks, FEA.
- Develop software for medical applications, data analysis and representation.
- Operating systems: MS Windows 95 - Win7, MacOS and Kubuntu Linux.
- Good command of most of the standard Windows and Linux software packages.
- Good knowledge of computer hardware and networking.
- In depth knowledge in proposal writing for EU and USA grants.
- Good knowledge in PLC's

Organizational Skills

- Possess strong commitment to team environment dynamics with the ability to contribute expertise and follow leadership directives at appropriate times.
- Unique competency in translating business issues into IT solutions including opportunity identification, requirements development, delivery, support and analysis.
- Experienced at managing cross-functional projects.
- Coordinate and schedule a series of experiments during my research in University of Wisconsin, including the implementation of the protocol.
- Coordinate research and development activities within biomechanics group.
- Adapted quickly to restructuring of electronics department and the relocation to computer department.
- Defined research objectives for therapeutic project areas in conjunction with other groups.

Social Skills

- Fast adaptation to work in multicultural environments gained through the study experience abroad.
- Team spirit and work commitment.
- Problem-solving attitude.
- Responsibility, Self-respect and self-reliance.
- Very organized person.
- Good abilities for synthetic and global views over concrete situations.
- Strong referential values of fairness, equity and dignity.
- Ability to live and/or serve in hardship locations.


Graduate, Bioengineering UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN, USA2009 to Present

Study biomechanics with emphasis on kinematic behavior of people with mobility challenges. My thesis topic is a study on the effect of elevated vacuum sockets on residual bone pistoning.

I took also courses in medical imaging and image processing, entrepreneual business plan and FEA analysis.

Bachelor, Electronic Engineering T.E.I OF THESSALONIKI, GREECE1998 - 2006

Studies in the field of electronics and applications of electronics in the areas of industrial automation, telecommunications, computing and electronic equipment services. Software development for shipment and fleet tracking was my thesis topic using data from GPS devices bases on VB.net and SQL Server.

Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications

Papaioannou, G., Mitrogiannis, C., Nianios, G. and Fiedler, G., (2010)

"Assessment of amputee socket-stump-residual bone kinematics of strenuous activities using Dynamic Roentgen Stereogrammetric Analysis". Journal of Biomechanics; 43(2010) 871-878.

Kanellos G.T., Papaioannou G., Mitrogiannis C., Nianios G. and Pleros N., (2010)

“Two Dimensional polymer-embedded quasi-distributed FBG pressure sensor for biomedical applications”. Optics Express Vol. 18, No1, pp. 179-186

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